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I had an absolute blast photographing this loving family! I hope you enjoy viewing the images as much as I enjoyed photographing them! IMG_2907 IMG_2491 IMG_2594 bloh IMG_2786 blhh IMG_2714 IMG_2622   jkj

Sometimes I forget my job is a job…like when I was shooting Megan’s senior portraits.  Megan is such a beautiful girl inside and out.  I am so excited for what is in store for Megan’s future.  She is such a bright young woman and I wish her the absolute best!! Please meet Megan Maddox…Class of 2015 IMG_4165 IMG_4265   m3 IMG_4174 IMG_4177 m4   IMG_4170 m IMG_4015 m2 IMG_4030

I must start off by saying,  I have never been a part of something so special ever in my life.  Every time my mind flashes back to this day, I can’t help but describing it as a fairytale.

This was the day Tremain asked his gorgeous girlfriend, Shavone,  to be his wife at the exquisite Biltmore Estate.

The back story of these two is quite interesting….Shavone would not give Tremain the time of day.  Shavone was trying to ignore and push Tremain further and further away.  Tremain finally got the hint and prayed to God that if this woman was meant to be then God would allow them to be together.  A few months passed, and out of nowhere Shavone began calling Tremain and asking him on dates.   She even asked him to be her boyfriend! The rest is history…







After I captured the unforgettable proposal, Tremain surprised his future wife with a mini makeover and engagement portraits! We headed back to the hotel for makeup by the talented Kiani Love and a wardrobe change.









Just before I thought this day couldn’t get any better, it did!  Shavone and Tremain are expecting!! Before they traveled to Asheville, they went to Gigi’s Cupcakes and gave them the envelope that contained the gender of their baby.  They bit into the cupcake and found out they were having a boy! Of course I had to capture that to end a magical, emotional, life changing, day.