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In this course you will learn all of my tips and tricks on how I was able to leave the wedding photography industry and niche down to high school seniors. 

Imagine if you could:

01. attract your dream clients

02. Price with confidence

03. stand out in your market


Ashley Israel

For so long, I have been undercharging and discounting my work. I was too afraid to charge people what I was really worth! In the first couple of sessions with Ariel we spoke about me dealing with the imposter syndrome and thinking it was my social responsibility to charge "little to nothing" for my services. We worked through those issues, and now I am not afraid to send potential clients my price! The price has gone up.

I love her positive spirit and how much she believes in me! That personality is rare to find. Ariel genuinely cares about the success of her mentees.

"Overall, this course has been educational and FUN! I feel as though I have all the tools now to succeed in my business! Ariel is the perfect mentor and teacher for photographers."

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This Program is for you if:

you're struggling booking clients

you want to learn how to scout locations

you want to build a buzz-worthy senior representative team 


Want to level up your whole experience?

you want to increase your bottom line

you want to stand out from the crowd

Did someone say...


I'm all about taking things to the next level, so it's a treat to add in these special bonuses just for you!

Leveraging a Team to Improve Your Experience

guest Bernel Westbrook: Website/Brand Design

Trading Your Services with Business Owners

Learn My Editing Style

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ariel perry

Your friend,

My high school dream turned into reality when I became a professional photographer. But back when I was a senior, it wasn’t all mapped out for me. It took years for me to grow the confidence and support I needed to get where I am now—working as the premier Senior Portrait Photographer on the East Coast. Now, I dedicate my art to helping the seniors of today find their confidence, capture their beauty, and take those bold next steps toward their dreams.

Capturing high school seniors is my passion!

My main goal is to provide you with the

to achieve success!    

tools and knowledge

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