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I’m your photographer, Ariel, and I’m here to help high school seniors like you express your true personalities through portraits.

I’m down to earth and athletic. I studied at Temple University in PA, and abroad in exciting London. I’m family-oriented, but I’m still the girl with…four brothers and 14 nieces and nephews.

 I’m adventurous and approachable. 

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ariel perry

Your friend,

In my senior year, a teacher tried to stifle my budding love of photography. He told me that this world wasn’t for me. And now I’m the foremost Senior Portrait Photographer in the nation.

From behind my lens, I can see all the wonderful things that make you, you. I want to empower you to see that wonder for yourself.

Let’s show the world how far you’ve come, and where you’re headed after this Senior year. Let’s mark your achievements in the way they should be: with music and fun and laughter, and then memories that can walk with you as you move forward to the next adventure.

Your ultimate senior portrait experience

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High school seniors are multifaceted, working to blend who you are and who you hope to be.

You are right on the cusp of something huge in life.

You are taking steps towards your future, and celebrating your amazing accomplishments that had led to this senior year.

There are fears and risks and changes, but you’re meeting them with energy and excitement.

... And I want to capture that.

This is what draws me to Senior projects... 




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Legacy Studios is a luxury photography studio located in Downtown Durham, NC - designed as a blank space for photographers & small business owners to create beautiful content, make priceless memories, and have fun.

This is my way of fulfilling a dream I've had to own a photography space of my own. I always wanted a studio that stands out from the crowd, encourages diversity, inclusivity and community, and allows people from all walks of life to come together to create.

My newest venture is

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