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Five Ways to Make Your Senior Portraits Stand Out

When it comes to planning your senior portrait photography session, it can seem really overwhelming. And you also know that these photos are going to leave a lasting memory in the mind’s of your friends and family and want them to be the best photos possible before you start a new chapter in your life.

Well, here’s a quick, simple, and practical guide to five ways you can make your senior portraits stand out among the rest.

1) Wardrobe

An obvious first is your wardrobe. This is the best way to truly express yourself! Your style can be a wild, unique, and funky as you are. Wear bold colors, go nude colors, or mix and match with fun patterns, it all comes down to you. Plus, accessories add the final touches! Add a scarf, a hat, special jewelry, or even a pair of sweet sunglasses.

2) Props

Whatever you’re involved in during your time in high school you will probably want to try and incorporate somehow. If you’re in sports or other extra curriculars, using those pieces as props is awesome! Add in some running shoes, a musical instrument, or a jersey. If sports or music wasn’t your thing, bring special items from home; coffee mugs, suitcases, books, and more!

3) Hair and Makeup

For the fellas, come to your shoot with a fresh, clean haircut and do your best to look nice. For the ladies, there’s nothing wrong with enhancing your beauty with hair and makeup and don’t let anyone make you feel uncomfortable about using makeup. That being said, it’s super important to choose a makeup and hair look that make you feel confident, not uncomfortable. Find looks that inspire you and come prepared to slay in front of the camera. We take pride in selecting the best glam team to make you look your very best in front of the camera.

4) Locations

Location, location, location! I can’t stress this enough, it’s not just a place where we shoot your photos – the locations you choose can add or take away from the entire shoot. Location is a puzzle and choosing your favorite spots can be hard but where you choose can make your whole session stand out. Go city, rural, urban, natural, it’s all at your fingertips!

5) Time of Day

Finally, shooting at the best time of day is way more essential than what you might realize. As a photographer, this is a big challenge and we always want to give our customers the best chance to get beautiful images, not images that are too dark or too bright to fix. The best time of day is called the Golden Hour and that’s about 2 hours before sunset. You will have a perfect golden light around you and it will warm everything in the lens. Keep this in mind when booking with me and taking into account that Golden Hour happens just once per day!



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    Love this! Beyond location & lighting it truly is all in the details!!

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