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Lighting Up Our City: Sydney is Our Local Charlotte Traveling Artist

When you come across special people in life, you want to really take the time to soak it all in. You know those people, right? They light up the room, lift spirits, and bring a little bit of warmth with them wherever they go. Sydney is one of those people and I had the honor to capture and showcase her amazing talent when I gifted her with a photography shoot. 

You see, Sydney is the local traveling gypsy. She is a light in this world and a ball of positive energy and she’s been working on a bit of a personal project lately. She and her mother have been working on creating beautiful murals around the city. They completed their first mural on the side of Two Scoops Creamery in Charlotte, NC. Their first mural was a mix of color, beauty, and a strong message I think we all can get behind. 

I gifted her a shoot so she could appreciate her own work through someone else’s eyes and she was unbelievably appreciative. Marisa from Shop Jade Skye, Alyssa with makeup, and I worked together to give this special person a special day of her own with her talents front and center. 

It was a fun, bubbly, lighthearted shoot and was actually featured in a few other local blogs here and here! It was a pleasure to photograph her and the art she creates that lights up our beautiful city. 



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